Lowcountry Shellfish

Thank you for your interest in Lowcountry Shellfish, the pre-eminent seafood purveyor and partner in the southeast. Purchased in 2008 by the Ipswich Shellfish Group, a prominent family owned and operated company of nearly 75 years with global service and offices stretching from Maine to Maryland, and now the coastal southeast.

Lowcountry Shellfish is fully integrated from dock or farm to your door. Offering a worldwide variety of Live, Fresh, Frozen, Specialty and Value-added items, owning the simple principles of – Give the customer exactly what they want – quality seafood delivered quickly, at its peak of freshness, and at a competitive price. Fully certified and HACCP regulated, combining advanced technology with qualified veteran hands.

Providing experienced superior service to the southeast region of the Carolinas, Georgia and North Florida for over 20 years.

With our intense focus on unparalleled quality, value and service, we look forward to having the opportunity to partnering with you to assist your business with its food purchasing opportunities and culinary ventures.